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    Hornetq-2.2.14 FINAL JMSXGroupID being changed in _HQ_GROUP_ID

    Dan Williams Newbie

      Hi, I am using HORNETQ 2.2.14 FINAL under java1.5 on Solaris 10.


      We cannot use HORNETQ core becaue it would involve too many code changes so we are using JMS clients and setting the JMSXGroupID property in code using:


      tm.setStringProperty("JMSXGroupID","OUR VALUE AT RUNTIME");


      The call works but it appears that HORNETQ is 'hijacking' the property and changing it into the core _HQ_GROUP_ID property.  If we shut down our durable subscriber (JBOSS AS5) and view the messages in jconsole as they sit on the durable queue, the JMSXGroupID has disappeared and its value been stored in _HQ_GROUP_ID.  This is the same if subscribing via the JBOSS5 messaging bridge or a stand-alone JAVA JMS client connecting directly to HORNETQ JMS (we wanted to rule out the possibility that the property was lost across the JBOSS5 / JMS bridge).


      The value of the property is correct but is there a way of ensuring the JMSXGroupID property stays in the message header and does not get deleted and 'replaced' with the _HQ_GROUP_ID property?  We can't make JBOSSAS5 use / care about the _HQ_GROUP_ID property when grouping on threads.  We don't care if that property is present but we do need the JMSXGroupID property present regardless.  Is this an HQ config thing?


      Any help appreciated!