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    Getting servlet path in jboss as7/seam 2.3

    mbickel Newbie

      Hi folks,


      i've been busy upgrading to Seam 2.3 (i owe you, guys!). I've ported my app by generating a new project using seam-gen and then migrating my source/config into that.


      I'm using


      in some places to construct an absolute URL for several redirects.


      However, compiling this with the gwt jars on the classpath will fail, but removing the jars will cause the deployment (to AS7) to fail since seam-remoting seems to depend on them.


      I don't need gwt in this project, but I do use seam-remoting. So, can I decouple these two somehow? And if not, is there an alternative way to get the context path?


      Thanks, M.