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Errai CDI fails after adding Infinispan CDI on the server side

Jithendra reddy Newbie



I am working on a Maven project built for JBOSS EAP6.

The project is built from the Errai Kichensink quick start archetype.


I did make some changes by adding Infinispan cache to it and was able to start and use it as non-cdi component.


I wanted Infinispan to work as CDI so that i can use events to let the UI know if anything changed on the Infinispan cache through a cache listener.


I added the infinispan-cdi dependency to the pom.xml and tried deploying the war to the EAP6 server. All goes well till the deployment tries to start the Errai CDI and it fails with a WELD deployment error.


Attached the pom.xml and the server logs for reference. Please let me know, what is that i am doing wrong here.