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    Interesting CMR problem...

    Wesley Hall Newbie

      Hi all,
      I am just trying to pick up some of the CMR functionality in the new CMP spec. I have come across an interesting problem, and im not sure if it covered in the spec or not...

      The problem is this, if i have 2 beans, one called TeamMember and one called Team it seems possible to create a one-many relationship between the teams and its members. However, what if you introduce the concept of a team leader... Now you have 2 relationships between the same two beans... a One-One (Team-TeamMember where the TeamMember is a team leader) and a One to Many (Team-TeamMember* where TeamMember* is the list of member of the team).

      Is is possible to create two relationships between the same two beans? Could anyone give me a same ejb-jar.xml and equivilant jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file showing how this is accomplished (if it is possible).

      I hope i have put this clear enough, im just learning CMR and its difficult to explain.

      Thanks for any time you can spare helping me out...

      Kindest Regards