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    Examples for using rules-decision activities

    dekay Newbie



      i am new to jbpm and drools and i am looking for some simple examples or tutorials for using rules-decision activities in jpbm. I want to build a process wich contains some business rules and i want to seperate the rules in an .drl file and use them for decisions in the process. I found this example in the jpbm documentation but it doesn´t work and i don´t know why. I copied the drl file and the process xml definition to a new jbpm project.

      The first error is that the class org.jbpm.jpdl.internal.rules.Outcome is missed. I added the jar for org.jbpm.jpdl but it doesn´t contain the missed class.

      The second error is a null pointer exception in the in the process xml description an i don´t know where.


      Does anybody know some other simple examples for using rules-decision activities in jbpm?

      Thanks a lot!