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    Jboss 7 Standalone configuration

    Ifta Khirul Newbie



      I found that in jboss 7 under standalone/configuration folder there are 3 different xml files for standalone configuration.






      Can somebody please explain me why thre are different configuration files and which configuration file is used by jboss and how to configure that ?

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          Ifta Khirul Newbie

          I got the answer here -




          Standalone Server Configurations

          • standalone.xml (default)
            • Java Enterprise Edition 6 certified web profile configuration which includes the technologies required by the Web Profile specification plus Java Connector 1.6 Architecture, Java XML API for RESTFul Web Services, and OSGi
          • standalone-preview.xml
            • referred to as our Java Enterprise Edition 6 full profile preview, this configuration contains all the technologies in the default configuration with additional technology previews of Java API for XML-Based Web Services (JAX-WS) 2.2 and Java Message Service 1.1.
          • standalone-ha.xml
            • default profile with Clustering capabilities
          • standalone-preview-ha.xml
            • EE 6 full profile preview with Clustering capabilities