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    Add input schema validation before invoking a SoapProxy action

    crizom85 Newbie

      I want to make a simple web service proxy on ESB like this:


      <service category="Esb" description="test esb ws" invmScope="GLOBAL" name="TestEsbWS">


               <http-gateway name="TestHttpGateway"/>


         <actions mep="RequestResponse">        

                          <action class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.soap.proxy.SOAPProxy" name="TestSoapProxy">

                                <property name="wsdl" value="http://host123:8088/testService?WSDL"/>





      and that works fine.


      Now, how to add schema validation on the body message passed in input to this ESB web service ?


      I tried with the action SchemaValidation, but it try to validate also the soap envelope, which i dont want.

      I tried adding inXsd, outXsd and validate=true to the "actions" tag, and it always say validation failed, with the full soap message without additional details. (Im 100%sure the message is valid)


      My idea is to add schema validation and other logging actions before calling the "testService" external service.


      What the correct way to do the schema validation on the body message? It should be a basic thing for an ESB. I always used jax-ws and also Oracle Service Bus in past.


      Thank you very much for any hint