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    More than one Domain Controller

    David Beltrán Newbie



      We have configured a very basic cluster of JBoss AS 7 in domain mode with two nodes. The domain controller is configured in the first node through the <local> tag in the <domain-controller> section of the host.xml. The other nodes has a <remote> tag that points to the node 1. The problem is that if the node 1 is not present the entirely system can't work because there is not a domain-controller. I understand this behaviour but nowadays systems try to don't have single failure points, and with the domain controller we have one. Of course we could move the domain controller to other host but the situation will be still the same.

      I have read somewhere that you can configure a host-controller in order to became a domain-controller if necessary. The problem is, I couldn't find how. Is this possible? How?


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