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    Have the transaction attribute no result on CMP ?

    Daniel Albrecht Newbie

      I have a finder, that bring more than 1000 elements back. These elements are called as a collection about the EntityBean up to the call in the SessionBean. Within the finder who runs about for-loop there are other finders. The exit finder is in a SessionBean method and, therefore, is treated in a transaction clip. The problem is by the multiplicity of the finders and that it only a transaction is, crosses this transaction a trans-action time-out from 5 minutes. Certainly, one can increase the time-out time, but this should not be the right way. Therefore, I have packed the inside source code exterior for-loop into own method and have set the trans-action attributes of the new method on "RequiredNew". Now a new transaction should be opened by every call of the method. But this does not appear so be, because still comes after 5 minutes timeout. Therefore, my question: Do attributes not function the transaction, or do I make what fundamental wrong?