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    Warning GMS

    Reynier German Newbie

      Hello, when I start the clustered servers show me this message from time to time on the master server or the first server to start:





      I use UDP settings


      21:30:35,248 WARN  [GMS] failed to collect all ACKs (1) for view [|1] [,] after 2000ms, missing ACKs from [] (received=[]), local_addr=


      I could explain why this warning, thanks in advance

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          Radoslav Husar Master

          GMS is a Group membership protocol which at some point collects ACKs = acknowledgements. There is a timeout of 2 seconds, if it doesnt get all the ACKs it needs, this warining is thrown.


          This could indicate overloaded or unstable network. Unless its causing problems I wouldn't be worried.