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    Table not found

    John Doe Newbie

      Hi Guys!


      My log after deploying on the Server looks like this:


      15:01:30,803 INFO  [SchemaValidator] Running schema validator

      15:01:30,803 INFO  [SchemaValidator] fetching database metadata

      15:01:31,216 INFO  [DefaultTraversableResolver] Instantiated an instance of org.hibernate.validator.engine.resolver.JPATraversableResolver.

      15:01:31,244 INFO  [TableMetadata] table found: HI_DEF.DEPARTMENT

      15:01:31,244 INFO  [TableMetadata] columns: [defname, def_id, flags, defshort]

      15:01:31,246 INFO  [DatabaseMetadata] table not found: CONFIG_ENTRY


      So, it seems that the Table "CONFIG_ENTRY" does not have the correct database-user in front of it, like the table "DEPARTMENT" has ... Does anyone have any idea, why one table is written with the database (HI_DEF.DEPARTMENT), and one table is written without (CONFIG_ENTRY)?

      My deployment fails because of that, and I have no idea why ...



      Thanks in advance.