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    Stateless WS -> WebServiceContext is null

    web.leo Newbie

      Hi everybody,


      i´ve implemented a web service using JAX-WS/JBoss 5.1.0. Inside the web service i used a javax.annotation.Resource annotation to get the javax.xml.ws.WebServiceContext.


      Up to now it works fine but then i had to chang the web service to a stateless one via javax.ejb.Stateless annotation. Now i get a NullPointerException whenever i try to use the WebserviceContext. Where am i wrong? I also tried to use a setter method with a Resource annotation but it also didn´t work.


      Part of my code:


      import javax.annotation.Resource;
      import javax.ejb.Stateless;
      import javax.jws.HandlerChain;
      import javax.jws.WebService;
      import javax.xml.ws.Holder;
      import javax.xml.ws.WebServiceContext;
      @HandlerChain(file = "/HandlerDefinition.xml")
      @WebService(serviceName = "webService", endpointInterface = "com.webService", targetNamespace = "http://server/webService")
      public class WebServiceImpl implements WebService {




           WebServiceContext wsContext;


           public void doWork(RequestData data, Holder<ResponseData> data0)
                throws ExceptionMessage{

                String uuid    = (String) wsContext.getMessageContext().get(STARTTIME);