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    Same application context name, two clusters, one load balancer

    Varun Narula Newbie

      Given a setup as follows -


      Cluster Name :A

      Node Name: A1

      Application Context: /V1

      Typical URL: http://A1:8080/V1/aaa



      Cluster Name: B

      Node Name: B1

      Application Context: /V1

      Typical URL: http://B1:8080/V1/bbb


      Load Balancer: LB1


      Both the nodes A1 and B1 are configured to point to LB1.


      Question - Where would the load balancer LB1 forward a request for /V1 - to A1 or B1? Would it be able to figure out a request like http://LB1:6666/V1/aaa should go to node A1 or http://LB1:6666/V1/bbb should go to node B1 ?