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    Is there a way to Kill/End a raisedAsynchronous Event.

    Himanshu Kandwal Newbie

      Hello Everyone,


      Is there a way to kill/handle a raisedAsynchronous event ? I have an Application Level Observer, which observers all such events and starts a new conversation with the type of Event raised [Spawning a new long running Conversation].

      Now, this spawed convesartion runs in Background, however, there is no way to terminate it.


      I have tried a number of way to deal this like ending a conversation with its conversation Id entry in  ConverastionEntries, but the ConversationEntries doesnot have this info as its an Async event [https://community.jboss.org/message/691419#691419]


      i read also about QuartzTriggerHandle, however, i cannot see a way to fit in case of raised Events [Observer pattern] case.





      With Regards,