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    How to do log rotation in gatein


      Hi All,


      I have a web application deployed in Gatein 3.2. The problem is that since the size of the server.log is huge, the server hangs.

      Is there any way to do log rotation?

      We modified the following files in order to achieve this, but it didn't help










      Thanks in advance

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          I guess that the right configuration file depends on the command you use to launch your application server. I mean if you use "run.sh" for me the right file should be "GateIn\3.2.0\server\default\conf\jboss-log4j.xml", if you use for example "run.sh -c all" the right file should  "GateIn\3.2.0\server\all\conf\jboss-log4j.xml"


          Anyway I'm wondering if it is the right approach, maybe you should change the log level of the most verbose components, IMO it should be much more effective than configuring log rotation. What is the size of your log file? If you purge it, do the server still hang?