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    Unable to deploy jBPM stuffsUnable to deploy

    Laura delli Paoli Master

      Hello everybody!

      I see a different behaviour of JBoss AS when I run it with each of the attached configuration file.


      If I start with the second one (standalone-jms+jBPM) no deploy is added to the deployments folder, and I cannot access the jbpm console.

      If I start  the server with the first conf file (standalone-bpm.xml) the deploymnents folder is populated by the following wars:

           * standalone-bpm.xml

           * drools-guvnor.war

            * jbpm-form-builder.war


           * jbpm-gwt-console.war

           * jbpm-human-task-war.war


      How can I fix this problem?


      I need to use both jbpm and jms.


      thanks in advance