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    Unable to deploy Webservice in Jboss 7:

    Genrose Hirudaysamy Newbie

      I am trying to deploy 3 webservices on different ports e.g 8080, 8081, 8082. Out of 3 webservice , 2nd and 3rd webservice share the same endpoint and same package structure, same webservice class name and other details. But all three are in different war file. I made 3 copies of standalone folder and used each for each webservice.


      1st and 2nd Webservice gets deployed but 3rd fails because of the below error:


      "JBAS015533: Web Service endpoint com.x.y.Z with URL pattern /* is already registered. Web service endpoint com.x.y.Z is requesting the same URL pattern."


      Then i deleted the 1st and 2nd instance from the jboss server and tried to run 3rd webservice only. Which still didnot work . It gives the same exception.


      Can somebody show light on this.