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    Embedded JMS problems

    bobbowman Newbie

      I would appreciate advice on how to set up an embedded HornetQ 2.2.5 JMS server. 


      None of the documentation that I have been able to find is correct.  In some cases the code provided will not even compile.  For example, the code in section 43.2 of the user manual depends on a non-existent constructor for ConnectionFactoryConfigurationImpl.  The code example for section 11.1.19 Embedded with no configuration files is identical to the code example for section 11.1.20 Embedded Simple with regular HornetQ configuration files, and I need to avoid configuration files.


      I have attempted to work around these issues but lack the in-depth knowledge of HornetQ configuration classes that seems to be required.


      All that I need is a JMS server with a method to acquire a JMS connection factory.  Only in-VM connections will be used.  JNDI bindings are not required.  Queues are created through JMS API calls.  If anyone has successfully accomplished this scenario could you please share your solution.