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    Hiding rich:messages span when no messages exist

    Anil Arora Newbie

      As part of the migration from RF 3.3.0 to RF 4.2.3.Final, I found an issue with how rich:messages behaves when there are no messages.  It keeps the rendered <span> even when no messages exists.

      This causes a problem because we want to decorate the message box with a background color.


      <rich:messages id="errorMessage" styleClass="yx-message" layout="list" />


      And what gets rendered is


      <span class="rf-msgs yx-message" id="errorMessage"></span>


      Unfortunately, this shows up as an empty box with the background color. 

      Any thoughts?  Workarounds?  I wasn't able to find anything to allow me to use the rendered attribute in a <ui:fragment> to hide this span.