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    Global JNDI for Remote EJB Clients

    Piotr Nowicki Newbie

      Howdy Guys,


      I have mixed answers for the following question: is the Global JNDI, introduced in Java EE 6, also supported for the remote EJB clients? From the spec it isn't clear if I should be able to lookup the component using java:global/app-name/module-name/bean-name!interface-fqn from the standalone client.

      I know that in JBoss AS 7 we have remoting project (that allows you to fetch not only EJB's but other type of remote-accessible resources) and EJB Client API (that supports JBoss' own ejb: names).


      If this connection is not standardized - it means that I need to access different JNDI names for each supported server, so my client needs to be recompiled each time the backend server is changed (even better - it needs to be changed even if I use JBoss 6.1 and moved to JBoss AS 7.1). Do you know of any reasons why such communication and JNDI coordinates cannot be standardized?


      Thanks in advance for your time.