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    AS Classloader issues

    Aadav N Newbie

      Hi Geeks,


      I need to know about "how-to-manage" class loader/class leakage issues. Can some one describe steps to avoid the class leakage issues or at least the steps to configure the AS to maintain the lib files universally in one place like AS's common/lib or somewhere like that and invoke it across all the WAR's files deployed in the AS.


      In my case I'm using jBOSS AS 5.1 and my deployment list consists of some 5-6 Web Apps(including an EAR) and mostly all the WAR's some common libraries. Hope I've made my point clear. Also links to any interactive help tutorial if available.


      Thanks in advance for the time and the conern.





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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          Leaking is always difficult to find. If you have everything correct this will not happen. But it will be more or less impossible

          In your code you should check that every resource/class/reference will be cleared if not longer used.

          In case of having such a leak you can check with heap dumps and profiler to find the reason.


          Library classes which are used by many applications can be store in common/lib or deploy/.../lib. In that case the applications classloader will find it.

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            Aadav N Newbie

            Many a thanks for the response man.. I'll see to it.. In fact apologies for the delay in reply.. wasn't able to login for a while..