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    Loading 2 war files

    Ganesh Neelekani Newbie

      Hi All,



      I have 2 .war files LDIFactsWeb.war and LDIFactsWeb-NA.war ,And I am using 2 repository in jboss 7 server repository and reposiory-NA,and using only one database in my project..



      While deploying one LdiFactsWeb.war file it is taking files from repository and creating .lock files.

      And deploying LDIFactsWeb-NA.war ir is again taking files from repository folder.LDIFactsWeb-NA.war shold take the files from reposiory-NA.So it giving repository exception.


      It should take files from different repository folder.


      Can any one explain how to tackle this issue,Or setting in configuration files for accepting different repository.



      Thanks and Regards

      Ganesh Neelekani

      Team agile