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    SSL configuration for mod_cluster in apache & JBOSS  EAP 6

    Micky Mick Newbie

      Hello -


      I have configured SSL for mod_cluster in both apache and jboss EAP6. I am able to access mod_cluster_manager thru https and it displays my Node info:




      Node myjboss-instance-name01:myjboss-instance-name01 (https://localhost:8743):

      Node myjboss-instance-name02:myjboss-instance-name02(https://localhost:8843):


      I tried to access my deployed application but i got the following:


      SSL Proxy requested for localhost:443 but not enabled [Hint: SSLProxyEngine]

      [Sun Nov 18 21:27:12 2012] [error] proxy: HTTPS: failed to enable ssl support for (localhost)


      I included 'SSLProxyEngine on' in my apache configuration and now i am getting the following in apache ssl error log


      [Sun Nov 18 21:29:55 2012] [warn] Proxy client certificate callback: (localhost:443) downstream server wanted client certificate but none are configured

      [Sun Nov 18 21:29:55 2012] [error] (502)Unknown error 502: proxy: pass request body failed to (localhost)

      [Sun Nov 18 21:29:55 2012] [error] proxy: pass request body failed to (localhost) from ()


      Any pointers? Does anyone know of step by step documentation to configure SSL in mod_cluster?