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    Configuration of transaction

    Andrew Ivanov Newbie

      I'm using narajana-jta-5.0.0.M1 library(jar) in my project. Not whole jboss server only this library for transactions.

      I've read http://docs.jboss.org/jbosstm/5.0.0.M1/guides/development_guide/chap-configuration-options.html

      What I've done:

      using jbossts-properties.xml outside the narayana.jar.

      set ObjectStoreDir:

        <entry key="ObjectStoreEnvironmentBean.objectStoreDir">/fold1/</entry> 

        <entry key="ObjectStoreEnvironmentBean.communicationStore.objectStoreDir">MyStore</entry>

      This works.

      Now I want to set trtansaction Timeout and to configure LogStore and max transaction count at time.

      1.<entry key="CoordinatorEnvironmentBean.defaultTimeout">1</entry>

      value in seconds.




      So as I can understand the commit should not work.

      But everything works.

      So I need an advice.

      2. I want to configure LogStore.

      -set log level

      -set log file

      I tried some properties:

        <entry key="LoggingEnvironmentBean.debugLevel">0xffffffff</entry>

        <entry key="BasicLogEnvironmentBean.logFile">jta.txt</entry>-->

      But this didn't give me any result.

      3. And I have no ideas about how to set a max transavtions number running at time.


      Can somebody help in solving this problems?