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    Dan Checkoway Newbie

      I'm running an embedded HornetQ server in my app...works great.  A new requirement has come up for us to run this app on diskless servers.  That is, the app must not write to disk.


      I have successfully disabled persistence -- the risk of which is very much known, and acceptable for this particular project.  But even with persistence disabled, I've run across a showstopper for going diskless.  HornetQServerImpl relies heavily on NodeManager, both implementations of which are file system based.


      The only solution I'm currently aware of is implementing another extension of NodeManager that is either stubbed (easiest) -- or perhaps built using a locking approach that doesn't use the file system.  Then I would subclass HornetQServerImpl and @Override the createNodeManager() method.  That would probably work, but to be honest I'm not intimately familiar with the server's dependencies on NodeManager.  I'm not sure if I'm opening a concurrency can of worms.


      So I'm looking for input from the community.  Has anybody already run HornetQ in a diskless environment?  If not, do you think I'm on the right track with the stubbed NodeManager approach?  Can you suggest a better (but relatively straightforward to implement) alternative?