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    Predictably increasing capacity of an Infinispan cluster?

    mrjb Newbie

      From a logical point of view, my question is whether it is safe to make the assumption that doubling the number of nodes in a distributed cluster, will also double its capacity?


      A practical example would be:


      Two Infinispan nodes in a distributed setup, mostly default configuration values except numOwners=2 and maxEntries=1000.


      With two nodes this would allow me to store 1000 entries in a cache. I should be able to take one node down and still be able to access these 1000 entries from the remaining node.


      Duplicating the setup, so there are 4 nodes, will it allow me to store 2000 entries in total? And up to two nodes can go down and still have the 2000 entries?


      The thing is I've done some tests with this setup and I can't really get the desired results (data is lost when removing nodes), but before I start asking detailed questions I would like to verify if my assumptions above are correct?