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    Getting Remote Channel Error

    Yougal Bisht Newbie



      I have recently started using JBOSS AS7.1.1, Here is what my requirement is:


      I have two jboss installation in Amazon Cloud, with say IP1 and other IP2, both machines haves JBOSS installed.

      Now on one machine I push JMS messages in JBOSS-1 and the other JBOSS-2 server acts as a client of JBOSS-1 reading those messages.

      Both server start, However I am able to push messages in JBOSS-1 but not read from remote factory of JBOSS-1 from JBOSS-2. port 4447,8080,5445 in open on all IP's in AMAZON. Also I have made <interface name="public"> as <any-address>.


      I have jboss-client.jar in my web-app web-inf/lib folder.


      One thing more, When the JBOSS-2 starts it connects to JBOSS-1 Remote Connection JNDI as when I change it to some other name it give namming exception


      Please let me know what extra need to be done or what am I doing wrong.