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    EntityManager Null Points + How to Package Ejbs?

    Cleiton Bonomini Newbie

           Hey there! I have a trouble in JBAS 7.1.1Final, I am injecting EJB and cannot use a mothod of this one! It's bringing me a NULL POINTER EXCEPTION when bringing me the entityManager!
      I guess it's a class loading, when packaging the EJBs on each place, here is the stacktrace http://pastebin.com/a3pVqD7r

           Actually I am putting all SErviceBeans into a jar I created at the root of ear and mapped in application.xml as MyAppFrameworkEjbs.jar and all else at ear/lib.

           What could be happening?

      Also, how does work the structure of the EJBs using an EAR?

      Well, I mean, I'm putting all the Beans at a jar on root of EAR and all else at ear/lib (delegate, local/remote interfaces, BO's, etc.)