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    How to start a new conversation by commandLink?

    Bernhard Anzeletti Newbie

      Hello, I come from Seam2 where conversations can stack and even nest. As far as I understand JEE6/JSR-299/Weld, I cannont simply start a new conversation by a link parameter (I can propagate the existing conversation using <f:param name="cid" value="..."/>). Is this correct? Or is there a way to start new conversations via a link?

      Regards, Bernhard


      PS: Example: A person search results in a list of persons. Each entry in this list has an "edit" link which is supposed to open a new  area (in the same browser tab!) with a "editPerson.xhtml" view. The view should be backed by a @ConversationScoped CDI bean. Sounds simple, but how can I do that?