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    Interested in a freelance jBPM Project? Look here!

    Ville Itämaa Newbie

      Are you interested to take on a project for a proof of concept (with renumeration of course) using the JBPM and Drools technologies together?


      A brief project description:

      A web-based payroll processing application.

      The process application should be triggered from a PHP application.

      Some activities should be human task oriented, some automated by a third party service written in PHP through a REST interface.

      The solution should also use business rules defined in Drools to control workflow execution.

      The presentation of human tasks should be in PHP.

      The data should be stored in a MySQL database(s).


      Expected deliverables:

      - Ability to use it as a foundation for further development

      - A demo of the final solution

      - Go through the source code in terms of configuration

      - A detailed documentation on how to set it all up and to get it running


      If you are interested, then don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss details and terms!