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    Errai data binding vs. GWT editors

    Jonas Zuberbuehler Newbie

      Hi guys


      A short and (I guess) easy to answer question: What's the main advantage of Errai's model-view data binding feature over GWT editors? When I read through the Errai 2.1 blog it seemed that both approaches strive for the same goal. We are currently using GWT editors and we've not used Errais data binding so far. So I guess I'm missing on something.


      Thanks for enlightening me


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          Christian Sadilek Master

          Hi Jonas,


          One of the main goals of Errai is to provide a boilerplate-less and declarativ programming model.


          If you use data binding as a standalone GWT component you get a (hopefully) very simple to use API:



          Combined with Errai UI you get a declarativ (annotation driven) programming model:



          The same question can be asked for Errai RPC vs. GWT RPC, Errai UI vs. GWT's UiBinder, etc. So, yes, these features have similiar goals but approach them differently mainly to alleviate boilerplate and make you more productive (e.g. less code to maintain, easier refactorings, etc.).


          Your feedback is always welcome!




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            Jonas Zuberbuehler Newbie

            Thank you Christian.


            I must admit that I haven't used Errai UI so far and after reading about it I didn't grasp why there needs to be @DataField besides the @UiField and same for the data binding vs. GWT editors. Don't get me wrong, what I've used of Errai so far I think it's great! But since I have no experience with Errai UI I'd have a harder time to convince a fellow engineer to use it by only reading the docs.That's why I posted the question here.


            Anyways, I'm exited to use the new features and I'm sure gonna do it in the near future! And feedback I will provide for sure