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    CDK 4.2.3.Final , Renderer Client Script

    reidz Newbie

      Hi there,


      I made a custom component for input decimal with mask with CDK 4.2.3.Final

      My problem is i cant bind any a4j:ajax behavior to my component.


      For example for this input

           <h:inputText id="txtCaller" value="#{sampleBean.name}">

                <a4j:ajax event="blur" render="txtDummy" />



      will be rendered as this

           <input id="txtCaller" type="text" name="txtCaller" onblur="RichFaces.ajax(this,event,{&quot;parameters&quot;:{&quot;javax.faces.behavior.event&quot;:&quot;blur&quot;,&quot;org.richfaces.ajax.component&quot;:&quot;txtCaller&quot;} ,&quot;sourceId&quot;:this} )" />


      But for my component doesnt worked that way, for this input

           <sky:inputDecimal4 id="txtCaller" value="#{sampleBean.percent}" >

                <a4j:ajax event="blur" render="txtDummy" />



      Instead render it with attribute  onblur, my input rendered as below

           <input id="txtDummy" type="text" name="txtDummy" />


      Am i missed something ?


      I attached my Component & Renderer