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    How do I catch XSite backup failures with async replication?

    hakansu Newbie

      I want to be able to catch any failures when backing up a cache entry to a remote site.

      With the sync strategy in the backup settings for xsite replication I can set the backupFailurePolicy to "FAIL" and get an exception when the remote site is unreachable, or set it to "CUSTOM" and provide a custom failurePolicyClass to handle failures. I thought the custom failure handler would work with async backups too, but I have only been able to get it to work with sync backups. The javadoc of the BackupConfigurationBuilder states that the backupFailurePolicy only applies for sync backups, so I guess this is how it is intended to work (even if I think that the custom failure policy would be more useful for async than for sync backups).

      Are there any other ways of catching failures when doing asynchronous backups?