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    JSF2 + Seam 3 Persistence Module

    Guilherme Furlaneto Newbie

      Hello! I'm programmer and currently i'm working with JSF2, Tomcat and I am trying use  the Seam 3 Persistence Module


      I'd like to know if someone already worked with this seam module, because i have some questions.


      I have already worked with EJB and JSF1.2, It was very easy to execute CRUD operations without invoke the methods: entityManager.begin() and entityManager.commit() (automatic transaction handling from the EJB container).


      How can I make Seam work this way too? I've done some tests but sometimes it works, sometimes doesn't.


      I Have my EntityManagerPrducer:





      @PersistenceUnit(unitName = "meuPu")

      EntityManagerFactory em; 


      My backingBean is anoted with @Named and @ViewScoped, he injects a service class responsible by CRUD operations (The service class injects the entityManager).


      If i'm using @ViewScoped in my backingBean, what's the correct scope for EntityManagerProducer?