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    Infinispan and Transactions

    Mandar Kulkarni Newbie

      I am using JBoss As 7.1.1 Final.

      I have configured a replicated cache with transaction mode 'FULL_XA'.


      I am using the cache as an in memory data base.The entries in the cache are manipulated(add/update/delete) by the application.

      I am facing a scenario where a JTA transaction rollback does not revert the earlier addition of an entry in the cache.

      Infinispan documentation specifies a transaction manager to be configured for the cache. I believe that on a JBoss application server, infinispan should automatically be able to choose the correct transaction manager.Moreover, the infinispan 1.2 XSD do not provide any details on how should we configure a transaction manager for the cache.

      Do we really need to configure a transaction manager here ?

      If not, what could be a probable cause of cache addition not being rolled back after transaction rollback.