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    Arbitrary destination addresses and predicate based subscribers

    Matthew Clark Newbie

      I note that AMQP is on the roadmap for HornetQ so the answer to this question is probably 'not yet but soon'.  I have seen other JMS providers with this 'enhanced' functionality in their JMS products though.


      Does HornetQ support (using JMS) the sending of messages to arbitrary topics (i.e. undefined in the configuration) and direct delivery to any subscriber with a matching subscription?


      I see some routing functionality in the documentation but it seems like all of the topics must be explicitally configured


      For example, I could have (possibly durable) subscribers with the following destination addresses: 


      1. jms.topic.event.*

      2. jms.topic.event.order.*

      3. jms.topic.*.order

      3. jms.topic.other.address.*


      If a process were then to send a message to the address jms.topic.event.order.create then subscribers 1, 2 and 3 would receive the message