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    How to setup custom lifecycle governance around rule artifacts using Drools & Guvnor

    S Das Newbie

      Dear All,


      I am looking for helps/pointers on setting up a custom governance process for my rules using Drools & Guvnor (5.4 runing on Tomcat 6.x). The basic use cases are as below-


      1. My rules will go through multiple stages in lifecyle -> 1. analysis (status: draft -> approved/cancelled) 2. Development (status: draft -> final) 3. Testing (status: testing -> final) 4. Production (status: production -> hold)

      2. Correspondingly there will be broadly 4 roles -> analyst, developer, tester, admin

      3. The workflow will be sequential i.e. analyst user will create a new rule specification with status "draft". Only when status of the rule artifact is made "approved", the developer role will see that there is need for a rule to be developed (needs some kind of notification)

      4. Rules will be categorized using taxonomy (LOB centric e.g. Mortgage, Retirement); above roles for will have branch specific view (e.g. an analyst user for Mortgage can only see/edit mortgage rules, not retirement ones)

      5. Roles will have their own view i.e. analyst should not see technical artifacts for a rule, similarly developer should see the rule specification artifact (a word doc) in read-only mode


      I have gone through Guvnor user guide and admin guide, which provides brief instruction on how to approach such need with authentication-authorization, and guvnor features like categories, status, packaes, user and permission mapping. I am however unable to achieve exactly the above kind of workflow by customizing these features.


      Is there a clear step-by-step guide somewhere? Have someone used drools & guvnor combination to manage large number of rules with compelet lifecyle governance? Does it require some other software component to achieve the aboev type of requirement?


      Thanks a lot in advance for nay pointers/helps.


      regards, sibendu