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    Support for "Methods dependents report"




      I use this wonderful tool for a while. It helps me a lot  maintenancing my projects to be "fit"

      However, I miss one option in tattletale which can be helpful in maintenance of API:



      Methods dependents report should be report which show only methods from A.jar used in B.jar archive. This way, developer can see which classes and methods from his project are used in other projects. If I, for example, create Swing component "FencyTable" and someone use it in his project, he can send me tattletale report with info about used classes and methods, so I can put attention to this, particular part of API.

      Example:(like Class dependents)





      Is creating of this type of reports possible now in Tattletale?

      If not (I suppose that this is the answer:) ) - can this implementation of tattletale, with some coding, support method-level reporting?

      I am interested in adding this type of report to current tattletale project.





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          Dependencies are recorded on a class level. However, it should be possible to record it at a method if you analyze each method by itself.


          See src/main/java/org/jboss/tattletale/analyzers/ - start in the JarScanner and work your way down from there.