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    nodeSelectListener doesn't work rich tree into rich modalPanel

    Adriano Antonio da Silva Newbie

      I have a rich tree into rich modalPanel. I need to use the event nodeSelectListener, but it doesn't work.


      <ui:define name="custom">

      <rich:modalPanel id="apurarConcluintes2" width="650" height="580" autosized="false" resizeable="false"  onShow="initLista();"  >

      <div style="height: 580px;text-align: left;vertical-align: top;">

      <h:form prependId="false" id="form2">

      <div style="width: 100%;text-align: center;padding:5px 0 0 0;">



      <div style="width: 500px;height: 330px;overflow: auto;background: #EEEEE0;border: 1px solid #828282;text-align: left;">

      <a4j:outputPanel id="panelTreeConcluintes">

      <rich:tree id="treeConcluintes" process="form2" switchType="client" ajaxSubmitSelection="true" nodeSelectListener="#{alunoMB.selecionaNodoConcluinte}">

      <rich:treeNodesAdaptor id="concluinte" nodes="#{alunoMB.listaConcluintesDTO}" var="c">

      <rich:treeNode icon="/fpc_img/people.gif" iconLeaf="/fpc_img/warning.gif">

      <h:outputText value="#{c.alunoTurmaED.alunoED.nmAluno}" style="cursor: pointer;"/>




      How to fix?


      Thanks and sorry for my bad english