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    ¿Number of threads of JCA WorkManager in AS7?

    ignacio marrero Newbie

      We are doing some performance tests of our application (REST API with Mysql) and find that with independency of the concurrency (no matters if we have 50 clients or only 3) the JCA subsystem uses only 2 threads. This brings into a bottleneck in the case of high concurrency as many DB requests are enqueued within the same JCA worker.


      Our configuration is:


      * CentOS 6, X64_86

      * AS7.1

      * 2 stateless balanced jboss nodes

      * Standalone.xml (please refer to https://gist.github.com/4140899)

      * NDB MySQL cluster with two nodes and maxconnections=150 per node


      ¿how can i increase de number of JCA threads? ¿why iraonjacamar instantiates only 2 threads?


      any help will be apreciated