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    Can Forge generate scaffolding in a separate module from Entities?

    Ryan Bennetts Newbie

      Hi everybody.


      Using Forge (v1.1.2.Final) I have set up a multi-module project as follows (packaging types are in square brackets):


      parent [pom]

        |-- domain [jar]

        |-- web [war]


      The domain module contains my entities, and the web module is to contain the web scaffolding. I have manually added the dependency on the domain module to the web module. However, I cannot figure out how (or even whether) Forge supports this kind of project setup.


      For example, if I create an Entity (eg com.example.Test) in the domain module, and then switch to the web module, executing:

      scaffold from-entity com.example.Test


      I receive the following error:

      ***ERROR*** Must specify a domain @Entity on which to operate.


      It appears that Forge does not search the domain.jar dependency to find the specified entity. This is a pretty common project structure, and seemed to be the original motivation for issue 388 [Better support for multi-modules projects in FORGE].


      Does anyone know how I could generate scaffolding in the web module from entities defined in the domain module? the documentation doesn't seem to address this situation, and I can't identify any appropriate options from the list of commands.




      -- Ryan