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    How can I access local JMS queue?

    abba2003 Newbie

      Hi , I'm a newbie and I'm using EAP6.0

            I need to read JMS messages from the JMS queue in the same server where my WAR runs.

            I just followed the helloworld-jms example in the quick start but there are some issues that I want to ask here:


      1. in the POM file, if I added the following dependency, then all the jms jars will be packed into the WAR.  I works but if I deployed 2 WARs,

         there will be an exception: "org.jboss.msc.service.DuplicateServiceException: Service jboss.pojo."org.jboss.netty.internal.LoggerConfigurator".DESCRIBED is already registered

        I dont want to pack them in the WAR, so what should I configure in the POM?










      2.  the helloworld-jms example is for remote client, see below. I think I should use something else since my JMS provider is in the same server where my WAR runs. So what vaules should I use for the JNDI and connection factory?