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    Portlet  default-view


      Hi all,


      Is it possible to display the default view of a portlet each time it is loaded??

      Currently, once it is navigated from the default view, that page is getting displayed each time the portlet is accessed.

      In short, the portlet is displaying the previous state always and not its default view.


      Thanks in advance..

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          after portlet enter edit mode from view mode, the portlet mode. I can only be back to "view" mode if StateAwareResponse#setPortletMode is called explixitly or you sign-out (the current mode is saved in session) . That mean if you refresh page, or go to another page, then back --> it should be in "edit mode". If you want the portlet is in "view mode", I think you will need to make addtional request to server to change the portlet mode explixitly

          so can you describe in details how do you want it should behave in your use case ?