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    Regarding the data duplication in scrollable data table when used with data scroller

    rajesh reddy Newbie

      Hi Team,

                      I am using <Rich:scrollableDataTable> along with <Rich:dataScroller>.I have fixed my row count to 5  by defining the " rows " attribute value  to 5 in scrollableDataTable.Now my problem is when i scroll the page, once 5 rows are completed once again the rows start rendering from row 1 ,in the sense after the list ends ,it once again starts with row 1 data, as so on and data is duplicated (only in UI)and goes on till I stop scrolling.And for your information the list doesnt have any duplicate data.And even i have set the lastPageMode="full" in datascroller for avoiding the replication in dataTable.


      Please find the attached screen shot for understanding the scenario better



      Is there any way i can solve this issue or do I need to use any attribute or so.


      please suggest me