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    RHQ Agent code vs License




      We plan to use RHQ server to manage our specific NE. But we also need to define a custom plug-in for it which will cover management of our specific NE. For the implementation we will need to support of course RHQ Agent contract and also we plan to use existing RHQ code on server and from other RHQ plug-ins. And i wonder if it will be necessary to publish our own plug-in code for community or not.


      Thanks in advance.


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          This was discussed earlier this year in a thread on our rhq-users mailing list - I would refer you to that discussion. But in short, let me quote from that thread:


          "The plugin container and plugins are licensed with LGPL . . . You are free to write your own plugins, obviously, and plug them into an out-of-box RHQ environment. That's clear."


          "if your product just links to the RHQ LGPL code (e.g you are writing a plugin to manage/monitor something) then there is no requirement to release your code, when you distribute your product."

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            Hi John!


            Thanks for your answer, it's really useful.


            I would say i still have one simple question, how it is possible to prove that plug-in code is licensed with LGPL. Maybe some reference on RHQ web site or other source.

            It's important for us since we have to pass this info to our legal department.


            Thanks in advance!