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    Runtime updates which require tooling updates for 0.7

    Keith Babo Master

      A few of these have been pushed already and before I forget I want to make sure they're listed somewhere. :-)  Here are the items I'm aware of.  Feel free to pile on more changes or ask questions:


      • Addition of Camel mail gateway.  This applies to composite services and composite references.  The type of configuration element used is dependent on whether it's a service (POP/IMAP) or reference (SMTP).  More info here:
      • Addition of Camel JPA gateway.  I don't think Lukasz has posted a config post for this one yet, but we will need a new binding type in the palette and config page.
      • Modularization of test mixins.  We currently include a dependency on switchyard-test, which used to include all the mixins.  This is no longer the case and we need to add POM depdencies for each MixIn the user plans on using.  I'll start another thread on this for details and discussion of the approach.
      • Modularization of Camel component.  This change is going to break the Camel component up into a core routing implementation and many individual gateways (one for each config type: JMS, FTP, File, etc.).   From a tooling standpoint, this is going to hit the config schema as well as the dependency definitions in pom.xml.  The schema change should be limited to namespace changes as each modular piece will have it's own config namespace.  Lukasz will be able to fill in more detail once he's done.