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    CMR with relationship to the same EJB object.

    Eric Chow Newbie


      Is it possible to make a relationship to the same EJB object?

      For example, as in a tree structure.

      | --> a1 ---> aa1 --> aa2
      ROOT -
      |--> b1 ---> bb1

      As seen as above, ROOT is a TreeNode, a1, aa1, aa2, b1, bb1 are also TreeNode(s).

      In fact, a TreeNode has many other TreeNode(s).
      A TreeNode belongs only one parent TreeNode.

      Is it possible to define the relationship as above ?

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          David Ward Newbie

          Yes; I do it. Don't think of it as parent->children. Think of it as child->parent, unidirectional. That way, it's easy to look upward to get the parent. Now, to get the children, using an ejb-ql finder that finds all children with a parent of the id.

          For example:

          public abstract class TreeNodeBean implements EntityBean {
          public abstract void setParent(TreeNodeLocal t);
          public abstract TreeNodeLocal getParent();

          public interface TreeNodeLocaleHome extends EJBLocalHome {
          public Collection findChildrenOfParent(Integer parentKey);

          <ebj-ql>SELECT OBJECT(t) FROM TreeNode t WHERE t.parent.key = ?1</ejb-ql>