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    Deploying to a cluster

    Jesse Vasbinder Newbie

      With the farm service removed in AS5, does that mean that "farm deployment" to a cluster is not possible as of right now in AS5?


      Removal of Farm Service

      The AS 4 Farm Service is removed. Distributed deployments will eventually be handled by the AS 5 Profile Service, with the Profile Service (or JBoss ON) coordinating deployments across the cluster from a centralized repository. The Farm Service's function of replicating deployment archives between file systems will not be maintained.

      Is the Profile Service or JBoss ON available right now in AS5?

      The clustering guide for AS5 that is linked on the documentation page is for version 4.x.


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          Brian Stansberry Master

          There's no AS 5 replacement for the AS 4 farm service yet. Using scripts to deploy to a cluster is probably your best bet.

          The ProfileService exists in AS 5 but the work to do clustered deployment using it remains to be done. JON does not support AS 5 yet.

          I'm doing a major overhaul of the docs right now.

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            Jesse Vasbinder Newbie

            Thanks Brian.

            How do I specify a specific cluster upon start up? In 4.x I'd specify -g to have different clusters.

            If I use the -g option to specify different clusters on AS5, the different servers still locate each other as members of the same cluster.

            e.g. on server A
            ./run.sh -g cluster1

            on server B
            ./run.sh -g cluster2

            Server A and B form a cluster, when I did not want/expect that to happen. How do you differentiate the clusters on start up in AS5?

            Thanks again.

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              Brian Stansberry Master

              Hmm, that sounds very wrong; using -g should prevent that; if it doesn't it's a bug.

              Do all channels form a group, or just some?

              In general, using both -u and -g is the best way to isolate clusters. See http://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-12460 and note the need to tweak a file to work around JBAS-6307 that's discussed in the "Isolating Channels in JBoss AS 5" section.

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                Brian Stansberry Master

                Note also the "Why isn't it sufficient to change the group name?" section on that page which explains why only using -g is not a good idea. That held true for 4.x and 3.x releases as well.

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                  Jesse Vasbinder Newbie

                  The problem was not specifying the multicast address with the -u option. I thought I remembered reading in the clustering guide that -g was sufficient enough, but that is surely not the case.

                  I'm not sure on which channels did or did not form a group, but the fact that the multicast address wasn't specified would definitely lead to a problem since that wouldn't be the proper way to start the server in a clustered environment.

                  Thanks again for your help!