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    JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger issue on server restart

    Proteus Hades Newbie


      I'm using jpbm5.2 in my project which involves few User Tasks.  I have created different methods to start and load the knowledge session and also to start and complete the user task.

      I'm using the JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger to log the entering and exiting of the nodes in the log tables. The logger is initialized when ever the StatefulKnowledgeSession is created or loaded.


                //load the knowledge session.

                 ksession = Configuration.loadKSession(ksessionId,



        // Initialize logger to enter values in log table

      JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger myJpaLogger = new JPAWorkingMemoryDbLogger(ksession);



      The knowledge session & process instance id created is stored in project's database, so that whenever a user log in I could get the process info and load it.

      Now the problem is whenever the tomcat server restarts and the knowledge session is loaded and the process continued, entries are not made in the log tables, but Task table has proper entries.

      When checked at the console for sql queries, whenever the tomcat restarts the 'insert into nodeinstancelog...' statements are missing.


      My project's working depends on the data in nodeinstancelog table which I query to check where the process has reached.  So although the process has moved forward the nodeinstancelog do not have entries. Thereby crashing the whole application.

      This occurs only when the tomcat restarts- which occurs quite a few times where the project is intended to be deployed.


      The logger is giving me a hard time... kindly help.