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    Idea for pages based on TabPanels

    Gabriel Morrison Lima Dantas Newbie

      Hi all. At my company we have a project which uses RichFaces 3.3, and our pages (mostly the CRUDs) are based on tabs. We have, by default, a tabPanel with two tabs, Search and Form. The user make searches on the Search tab and edit/create records on the Form tab. We are now migrating this project to Richfaces 4, and we have hit a problem with the tabs, because the tabPanel requires a form around it to be ajax (something that Richfaces 3.3 didn't require, but Richfaces 4 do, and I believe it's the most correct anyway). We can't just put the form around the tabView because the tabs themselves may have forms inside them, and we need them to be dynamic.  So I would like to know if you have some ideas to make this work.  Thanks in advance.